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Hello! [Jan. 15th, 2023|09:02 am]

bath 3.JPG

This one's full of friends only trivial stuff. If you want meatier stuff, go here http://syndicated.livejournal.com/emmamakesstuff

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Moving, moving [Apr. 22nd, 2013|11:15 pm]
Hello everyone.

The time has come for me to stop updating my LJ. It drives me insane every time I copy over my blog posts and it totally buggers up the formatting, and doesn't email me comments or messages and makes people think I'm ignoring them. So if you want to read my blog, it's here: http://emmajanefalconer.blogspot.com You don't need to have a blogger account to subscribe, there's an email option, and you can use yr LJ account to comment.
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2013|11:39 pm]


I have been busy recently, and the ever-present backlog of photos and so on I mean to post gets ever longer. Here's some photos I took of Brighton Pier at some point. I have no idea when I took them, probably when I lived in Brighton, but I scanned them the other week.
They're taken on my Moskva 5, the most awkward camera I've ever had the (dis) pleasure of using. It's an all metal Russian medium format beast that I got in a junk shop in Tallinn. You have to use a tripod and shutter release with it, all that's missing is the fabric hood and flash-pan of magnesium powder for the full effect. There's a clockwork mechanism that is supposed to prevent double exposures, but which just succeeds in locking the film advance for no reason most of the time. It has no meter, and I don't have a working handheld meter any more, so I just eyeball the exposure with the sunny 16 rule. The resulting negatives are huge (6x9 format, there is supposed to be a 6x6 mask too, but I don't have it), you get about 6 pictures per roll of 120 film.

Here's the huge version of the first picture:
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The Embarkation at Dover (1520s) [Mar. 26th, 2013|11:33 pm]


Here's some photos of a painting I like. It shows Henry VIII setting sail for the Field of the Cloth of Gold for his swank-off with Francis I. The pictures aren't the greatest, a tripod and polariser would improve them greatly, but you can still see all the details.

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I like the poses people always have in paintings from this period.

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Laine, Wolle [Mar. 26th, 2013|11:10 pm]


 On Sunday I went to an exhibition about wool at Somerset House with Natalie. As well as the expected demonstrations of things like Fair Isle and weaving, they had interiors and artworks made out of wool.

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This was Natalie's favourite thing in the show.

tweed sample

Samples of tweed.

I have some lovely electric blue tweed wool fabric, but I'm scared to cut it, because it's a vintage remnant, and you have to match the pattern up so carefully.


Worsted fabric.

moodboard 1

I love textile moodboards.

moodboard 2


This lady was demonstrating weaving.


The loom. Hi-tech royal mail rubber bands.

loom 2

The warp threads on the loom.




Sheep hats. Ideal for those times you run off into the woods with Dioysus.


Nice fabric.


The process of tailoring a jacket.


 One of the rooms decorated entirely with woolen items.

granny squares

Granny squares.

brown rug

I also liked this carpet.


The entrance.

These next things are all by Donna Wilson, a designer whose work I've eyed up for quite a long time, but obviously can't afford.

cat cushion



Instant playhouse blanket.




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Sheffield Zine Fest (redux) [Mar. 19th, 2013|08:07 pm]

backpack zine distro

(Jen on the Backpack Zine Distro stall)

 I went up to Sheffield for the weekend, to visit Chella and Sarah and run a stall/workshop at the Sheffield Zine Fest. I had a good time with my friends and meeting new people, but I think I'm allergic to Sheffield. My face and sinuses swelled up as soon as I got there, and by Sat afternoon my tongue felt so big I could hardly speak (not so great when you're supposed to be giving a public talk), and I got no sleep Friday because there was so much pressure on my sinuses. In a photo of me I looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I took some anti-histamines and decongestants, but it made no difference. My sinuses and face suddenly deflated on the way back around Derby. I'm obviously allergic to the North. Or possibly steel. I'll have to use plastic cutlery forever.

My friend Steve's birthday is 3 days after mine, and while discussing how crap our mid-winter birthdays are, we came to the conclusion that capricorn is a crap starsign, and also what is the point of a mer-goat? Does it slither out of the sea to eat your laundry and glare at you with its funny eyes, and then slither pointlessly back into the sea?

1913 zips
Here is Chella doing her important study of zips and other useful things invented in 1913. Looks like there's no correlation. Perhaps it's a sampling error, or a false negative. Let's whip out the chi-square tests and the calculator and feel very scientific and important in establishing the non-significance of the number of zips currently about your person. I'm glad I never have to take another statistics exams. Or at least that is the way the evidence is leading. Perhaps the data is wrong and one will be sprung upon me tomorrow. Fear statistics exams.


The venue was amazing. It has green carpet like astroturf and is filled with the greatest hits of mid-century furniture. They have a giant slide, but I put off going on it, and then it was shut and it was too late. Story of my life.
Here's the rest of the pics here.
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Signal to Noise [Mar. 19th, 2013|06:32 pm]


On Sunday night I went to my friend John Newman's sound installation at the Deaf Cat in Rochester, put on by the TEA people. There was a Damo Suzuki improv gig the previous night when I was away. I'm sure they organise these things when I can't come specifically to spite me. I also went to watch at their band dating event they put on on Thurs. They got musicians to fill out a profile, then assigned them to a band, gave them 2 free rehearsal sessions, then they played whatever they came up with on the night. It all worked out very well. There were soundscapes and something that sounded like a Talking Heads rehearsal.

  I wasn't sure if I'd be back in time from Sheffield to come on Sunday, but I said I'd take some photos for John if I could make it. He created a script to collect tweets featuring certain keywords such as noise, and then generate sound and visuals based on the text. That was shown, and there was improvisation from various people. I think that's a good basis for bands to work on, get up on stage and join in when you feel like it, then get back down when you fancy a drink.

I brought a tripod and shutter release with me, and a box of tacky 70s filters, because why not. I was glad of the tripod and shutter release, because the cafe had no lighting, so these photos are all about 6-8 second exposures (hence the rainbow sensor dust dots, which I quite like). No-one was moving too much. The filters weren't much good, because they tend to rely on there being points of strong light for their effect. There were William Burroughs films projected at the same time as the improv, but the layout of the cafe meant that they had to be on a different wall than that behind the musicians.


I also managed to do two things I'd meant to do for at least 3 years. Give Matt McN the boxes of sheet film I'd got for £1 each, and buy Shareef's album. Matt has finished at art school, and doesn't have the same access to the large format camera, and Shar's old band broke up, but never mind. Champion procrastinating. Afterwards I went with Bee and Matt to the pub, and drank honey jack daniels that tasted like drinking cereal. Rochester Wetherspoons gives me the creeps.


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Sheffield Zine Fest [Mar. 12th, 2013|11:50 pm]

On Saturday I'm going up to Sheffield to visit my friends Chella and Sarah and also do a table/talk at the Sheffield Zine Fest. It's from 12-5 at the Electric Works S1 2BJ. There will be around 30 different stalls, and a full schedule of free workshops, including one from my friend Cath on feminism in zines.
Here's the details of mine. Fairly basic stuff, but I've done it before, and people seem to really appreciate it. I wrote a lot of the same info in this post.
Getting Started With Zines- Emma Falconer 2pm

Have you ever wanted to make a zine but didn't know where to start, or started making one and abandoned it for various reasons? The workshop covers tips for getting started, persevering with the project, overcoming common problems and what to do with the zine when you've finished it. The talk aims to be non-prescriptive, and show various different ways of approaching making a zine, and to deal with the attendees' particular wants and needs. Questions and discussion very much encouraged. Please note that the workshop doesn't include starting work on a zine there and then, it's intended more as a springboard to starting your own work.
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I saw mushroom head, I saw skies are red [Mar. 11th, 2013|08:21 pm]
[Current Music |Let Our Enemies Beware]

mush preview

Here's a dress I recently made. I'm not very practiced at taking photos of myself, I'm usually on the other side of the camera, and it felt very awkward (and that's probably why I look so bad tempered). The remote control only cost £3, and has to be pointed directly at the camera, which doesn't help. It also didn't help that I don't have any space to use the 50mm lens, so I had to use the 28mm, which is really not a good idea around faces, especially if you've recently been having sinus trouble like I have, with the resulting puffy hamster face. None of the photos facing front were at all to my liking, and the ones from the back just emphasised my scoliosis, so you're not seeing those either. I still need to finish off the hem and the sleeve edging, I prefer to slip-stitch those by hand.

I made the pattern myself. I had this vintage dress I bought in 2001 and wore to death. The fabric started disintergrating, so I unpicked it, and traced it to make a pattern. The original had a draw-string neck, which I never liked, so I turned it into a gathered, darted neckline on the pattern. The patterned fabric was a remnant from Fancy Moon, with a lining of plain black cotton from a local place. I only had 1.5m of the mushroom fabric, so I had to be very careful about laying and cutting the pieces to make sure I could match the pattern and fit everything on the fabric. For reference, I'm 5ft8 and medium-sized. If I make another from this pattern with a lining, I'll probably add a little more ease into it.
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yellow dress


Here's a photo of me from 2007 wearing the original dress, from when I used to participate in the Document a Day project.
Mush front
Side view:
Mush side
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Werebitches and devils [Mar. 10th, 2013|12:49 am]

On Friday, my friend Tukru had her first gig in 10 years (appropriately on International Women's Day). The band only formed a couple of weeks ago, so it was a bit nerve-wracking for her, but everything went fine. I tried to take some photos, but it was in the cellar of an old restaurant/bar, where you could touch the ceiling and there were no stage lights, so I didn't get anything much usable. On to the next one! I don't know if they'll come to regret being called Sean Bean Death Scene in time.

I also really wanted to see the headliners, Whitedevilwhitedevil. Two of the members, the Boast brothers, used to be in a local band called Let Our Enemies Beware who I really liked. They didn't disappoint. It was immense.

Here's the song I particularly liked of their set. I also like how the artwork has the lyrics, and the end line of the 2nd song is "Fuck what everyone says. I eat snakes." This kind of stuff is one of the few pleasures of spending time in Medway. I suppose the pure unrelenting grimness of the places produces intensity.

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